Bikini Body Mommy Challenge Day 15

Today is a check-in day for the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge. That means I can “unhide” my bathroom scale, take measurements and progress pictures.

While I’m still not near ready to share pictures, I can see tiny changes comparing my “day 1” vs. “day 15” pictures. 🙂

I haven’t lost any weight, but I DO feel STRONGER! Yay!

After having a c-section, my first goal is to get stronger. I have kept a close-eye on my stomach to make sure I don’t injure my stomach muscles. Over the years I have come to realize that I’m not above doing modifications for exercises I’m not ready for.

I have decided to wear my compression belt (obtained at the hospital for my c-section recovery) during my workouts. It helps support my back and also reminds me to have better posture and “suck in” my tummy muscles.

So, no weight loss and I feel stronger – and the pictures DO look better because I have lost between .25″ and 1″ in the places she’s having us measure and track.

While I wish I would have planned it better and done it by Day 1, I did get a body composition test done at our Rec Center at Day 13.  I will do another scan at the end of the 90 day challenge to see exactly how much fat I’ve lost and muscle I’ve gained. 🙂

On top of doing the BBM challenge, I have decided to do a sugar detox. After Christmas and New Years, I was craving sugar SO bad. I do have a major sweet tooth, but have done pretty good at avoiding processed sugar, honey, agave, etc. I’ve been keeping myself accountable by using #sugardetox2014 on Instagram for my meals. While I haven’t posted everything I eat, I feel like taking a picture and posting my food choices helps me realize how much variety of food I’m eating. It also helps me look back and remember which meals made me stay full longer and which provided the best energy.  And yes, when I decided to have something with sugar in it, I felt gross.

BBM offers a meal plan subscription, but I honestly feel like I eat pretty clean (organic whenever possible, no soda, coffee, caffeine, or alcohol) and as long as I keep my processed sugar consumption in check, I’ll be ok.  I track my meals & exercise with MyNetDiary. I also log breastfeeding as an exercise because it burns a ton of calories each day – I want to be sure I’m not underestimating or overshooting what I should eat.  Breastfeeding makes me incredibly hungry!

food log

Admittedly, I am curious what macros BBM uses for steady weight loss.  (Macronutrients are fats, protein and carbs.) Certain ratios either help you lose weight, bulk, or maintain.  Curiosity might get the best of me, so I can compare what she recommends vs. what I’m doing.

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