Picking a Scab

Little Dude is finally at an age where he gets scrapes and owies that actually require a bandaid.

He was picking at his scab on his ankle.

I said “Little Dude, do you like having owies?”

him: “no, momma”

me: “if you want that to heal, you need to stop picking at it.”

Huh. As soon as I said it, I realized: I do this with God. All. The. Time.

I get hurt.

I ask for a bandaid.

Or I asked to be healed.

I might go to bed and forget about it until the morning, then that URGE to pick at the stupid wound or scab overwhelms me.

I become like a little 3 year old obsessed with picking off a scab when he thinks his mom isn’t looking.

Why do I do that?

For one, you can’t hide anything from God. Duh, silly.

Secondly, why do I so badly want to heal but then pick apart the healing process? It just makes it take longer. It makes it more painful. If I really go at it, it gets messy again.

God can heal so much, but He doesn’t intrude… He waits until we allow His presence.


Do you ever catch yourself correcting your kids for doing something you also do?

PS – yes, Little DudeĀ stopped picking at it. He said he asked Jesus to help him. Wise beyond his years… and it’s looking better. šŸ™‚


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