Books for Visually Impaired Baby or Toddler

Have you ever walked around blindfolded?

Or have you put in earplugs and assumed regular daily tasks?

Did you notice that your other senses had to work in overdrive to compensate?

This had me thinking the other day… Little Dude, Little Brother & I were playing piano and singing and Little Brother was just SO happy!

It’s a different kind of response I get from him when we listen to music (which we do a fair amount) – there’s just something about creating music/sounds that makes him light up and bounce.

Similar to the way his big brother did listening to books as a baby.  Little Dude was immediately into books as a baby.  Part of this seems to be his personality and now that I look back, I believe part of it is having good vision, so he can see the pages of book we are reading.

Little Brother is farsighted and has glasses to help him see things up-close.  It’s still staggering to me to think that he didn’t clearly see our faces until he got his glasses at 5 months old. 

But his eyes also don’t track straight.  I don’t have a medical diagnosis (yet) to share, but it is highly likely that he doesn’t have depth perception.

He uses one eye at a time and at this point favors his stronger eye (the left) when he’s not wearing an eye patch.

With this being said, as I sit down to read him a book, he doesn’t sink into my lap to soak in what momma is about to read.

He is generally wiggly and arches his back, flaps his arms/legs (his physical therapist suggested it was the Moro reflex) or he grabs the book to pull into his mouth. He is teething, so I ask Little Dude to bring his brother a baby teether before we start to read, and he still ends up with the book in his mouth.

Age appropriate? Probably.

Anyways, I am a reader and use the library regularly.  They have a wonderful selection and if they don’t have it, they can get it via interlibrary loan (borrowing from another library district) or they will order it.  Awesome!

When Little Dude was a baby he used to listen to the audio book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? in his swing when I edited pictures.  He loved it so much his first birthday party was that theme!

Little Brother hasn’t heard it as much as his big brother, but he actually sits still to listen to it!  Whether or not his eyes or personality play a bigger role, it seems he is an auditory learner.  

I decided to use the chat feature on our library’s website to ask how to find more AUDIO books like Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  We have a ton of Adventures in Odyssey, but Little Brother still needs some baby books!

She said to go to the Advanced search tab at the top, find “Books – Children’s Kits” in the Format options.  These are the types of books that come with a BOOK (for Little Dude to follow along) and AUDIO CD (for Little Brother).  Pretty cool! There’s lots of choices and if you see one on Amazon you are interested in, you can use the “Don’t See It?” button and request a title.

Easy as that! You don’t have to spend hours physically searching the library simultaneously keeping tabs of your kids – request it, they’ll find it, put it on the Holding shelf and you will get an e-mail saying when it’s ready to pick up.  I’ve used this feature for years and it saves so much time.  Time that can be spent reading instead of researching what to read next! 😉

I’ll be sharing what Children’s Kits we find and like.  Stay tuned! 🙂

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