Little Brother’s Physical Therapy notes 7/22/14

It’s already been a week since we started Little Brother’s physical therapy.  He has ALREADY improved!  Yes, we have been very intentional and worked with him a lot but he’s rolled from his tummy to his back!

Today he enjoyed the physio-roll ball – it’s like a little yoga ball for babies, but is more oblong shaped.  He was able to roll side to side and practice touching his feet to the ground and loosen his hips.  He also rolled his tummy on it and practiced being on all-fours (the crawling position).


Here’s Little Brother’s physical therapy notes from 7/22/14


  • put cushions beside Little Brother when he’s sitting
  • place toys on cushions (use high-contrast & experiment with placement on cushion so Little Brother can see it
  • practice turning from side to side to reach for a toy – putting hand down and crossing over with the other
  • may start with just rotating trunk and hips
  • slightly tip Little Brother side to side when sitting on your lap, pausing at each side
  • lower Little Brother down from sit to laying by lowering to side when he is done sitting

physical therapy session 2

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