Little Brother’s Physical Therapy notes 8/6/14

I’m a little behind in sharing Little Brother’s PT notes…  there’s been a lot going on getting ready for school to start!  People constantly ask how he’s doing.  I so appreciate everyone’s thoughts, concerns and prayers.  🙂

There are some days that I wonder if anything is helping at all and other days that I see real progress.  Like he’s finally starting to crawl! His eyes seem different, but I can’t speculate what’s going on there.  He still switches back and forth between using his eyes one-at-a-time.  Honestly, I don’t know if this will ever go away. But I keep telling myself “God has a plan.”  On days I don’t feel that optimistic about all this, I want to boss God around and tell him how to fix my son’s eyes.  Ya, I do.  (<– I just admitted that) Truly, you can’t boss around God.

Here’s notes from last week’s session on 8/6.  If you are looking for previous notes, we were at my cousin’s wedding out of town, so we missed 7/30.

Our great physical therapist played a “row-row-row-your-boat” game with him, among other games to get him to engage his core.  She noted that he stops engaging it when he’s sitting up alone, so we are targeting those muscles this week.  She was very pleased with his progress with crawling.  He’s in the beginning stages but finally going for it! 🙂

physical therapy august 6



  • Exercises that encourage lifting pelvis, have Little Brother hug or grab stuffed animal presented at tummy/chest  (the goal is to get him to BEND his knees, not keep them straight, but you get the idea…)
  • pelvis tip
  • put colorful objects on feet to encourage him to reach
  • reach feet
  • rocking on back, knees & hips bent, feet flat; rock from knees a few times (this is tricky to photograph… and honestly to keep his feet flat and rock him at the same time – you almost need 2 sets of hands)
  • flat feet
  • core activity; opposite arm to knee when Little Brother is on his back (this is impossible to photograph, so here’s a cute picture of him on our Yoga ball.  PT said this was a good alternative to the physio ball she used with him before)
  • ball

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