Little Brother’s Physical Therapy notes 8/13/14

Our Physical Therapist came over yesterday to help Little Brother and to see his progress over the last week.  We spent some time talking about the exercises our eye doctor gave us to do with Little Brother.

As soon as she started reading over Dr. B’s detailed instructions and explanations of each exercise, she smiled and said “I like this guy!”

She said Little Brother is progressing at an incredible rate and is a quick learner. 🙂 That certainly makes me proud of him!  And shows just how much the power of prayer makes a difference. Even a month ago, he wasn’t able to do this stuff! At all.

This last week we used the exercise ball quite a bit and she could tell: his core was engaging much more than it was even a week ago!

PT 2014_08_13_3
PT 2014_08_13_2
PT 2014_08_13_1

Here’s her notes from his session:

  • Practice getting into sit from hands and knees over left side (right side is doing the work against gravity)
  • Encourage crawling longer distances
  • “Breastbone jiggles”to relax tension in upper trunk and chest area
  • encourage rocking on hands and knees
  • laundry basket ride: sit Little Brother in a “regular” laundry basket (not a tall lamper) and cushion him with pillows for support. Then slowly pull in a straight line a short distance. Stop & start again.  (I explained to her that he wasn’t a huge fan of the swing or slide at the playground.  I feel that he’s scared and she agreed that without the perception of depth, it would be scary. This exercise is to “ease” into that kind of movement)


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