Little Dude’s pre-school routine

For those reading this with toddlers & babies and curious what future years of pre-school will be like, I thought I’d share Little Dude’s pre-school routine.

You could set up similar (age-appropriate) structure at home before the pre-school years.

Kids thrive on routine.  I’m sure there’s some people out there who disagree, but there IS something to be said for settling into a routine.  Our son feels a sense of security and confidence knowing “what’s next” and also FAIRNESS in setting up expectations for his day.

8:55-9:10 check-in and table activity

9:10-9:15 clean-up/ school announcements and the Pledge

9:15-9:25 movement

9:25-9:40 circle time

9:40-9:45 transition to outdoors

9:45-10:00 outdoors

10:00-10:25 bathroom break, wash hands, snack

10:25-10:35 story time

10:35-10:45 mini-lesson

10:45-11:20 centers

11:20-11:35 clean-up & closing

At the end of his school day, I love asking him what his favorite part of his school day was.  It varies from writing his name at check-in, to playing with cars at the centers, playing outside or painting.  Dividing his morning up helps him recall specific tasks better… hey, I think that works for adults, too 😉

Perhaps you are curious what kind of “lesson” a 4 year old is assigned?

Well, his first assignment was to put exactly 4 items in a brown paper bag (teacher sent home with him) that tells his classmates and teacher about him.

He picked:

  • Jesus (he happily already says Jesus lives in Heaven and his heart)
  • a red hotwheel (he loves red and anything with wheels)
  • a pirate telescope (he’s always exploring and figuring out how stuff works)
  • a baby toy (because of his little brother)

first assignment

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