MY Physical Therapy Update (sessions 2 & 3)

I had my 2nd and 3rd PT sessions this week.

My physical therapist asked how I was feeling and how my exercises were going.

He made the suggestion to lay flat on the floor and let my core have a 5 minute rest once or twice a day.  He said “you wouldn’t do bicep curls all day… your core needs a break, also.”

Since I do a fair amount of driving a couple days a week, he suggested I be more aware of how I lean my back against the car seat.  He said it’s important to “press back” a little into the seat, so I don’t aggravate my issues.

He worked on stretching out my hips and legs and gave me one new exercise this week.  Instead of standing, I do it sitting on a yoga ball.  An important part of this exercise is to sit like I’m showing off a necklace… that’s a nice way of saying, you stick your chest out… lifting through your middle core, not just arching your back.  Go ahead, try it – if you are anything like me, you have to really be aware and try to do this properly!

Did you know that your shoulder posture can cause your hips to get out of alignment?! That’s probably one of my major problems… I have horrible posture while carrying my boys and while breastfeeding.  Working on it! 😉


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