Little Brother’s Physical Therapy notes 8/20/14

This was a big week for Little Brother, physically speaking.  He is doing an amazing job crawling… going across the room, and finally onto our tile!

He has started pulling himself to standing without help onto toys, the couch, a laundry basket and us!  He’s exploring and having a relatively fun time doing so!

He’s biggest obstacle is depth-perception… he’s running into things, but I’ve noticed is pretty smart about using his hands to gauge the space… but the sides are trickier.

His PT recommended playing with our toy tunnel… putting objects at the end of the tunnel and encouraging him to crawl through out.  It was a smooth introduction and it didn’t bother him at all to sit in the tunnel.


She said to keep doing the same exercises we are doing, and to continue working on his core-strength… transitioning sitting to crawling from both left & right sides.

I am SO proud of him and Little Dude is getting pretty excited about his little brother being able to move around… “he’s getting bigger momma! he’s going to play with me and my toys!”

One thing that we’ve added to the playroom is a black and white foam puzzle mat.  High-contrast helps him see better… including differentiating the mat from the floor and also the mat from toys.

puzzle mat
He’s been rocking/bouncing on his hands and knees, but still is a little stiff in the hips. 
His PT said to have him practice crawling over things… right now it’s difficult for him.
His PT recommended taking the plastic stacking rings and slowly moving one back and forth for him to focus on. 
blue ring

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