Little Brother’s Physical Therapy Notes 8/27/14

Cuteness alert:

patching yellow

This week has been pretty interesting watching Little Brother… he’s regularly pulling himself up to standing and even did a little “furniture surfing” (standing and trying to pivot & reach between two pieces of furniture).  While we were excited to see this milestone, his PT said he is physically not ready for it.  She said he has the type of personality that will keep me on my toes: bravely deciding to do things his body is not ready for.   It IS a big deal that he even TRIED this, because he’s not able to gauge depth.  Essentially, she said his core needs to develop more and crawling will do that for him.

She was encouraging and said “this is a LOT of notes and I know you have a lot going on with him, so just do the best you can with this week’s list.”


So, here’s her notes from this week:

  • TRY to discourage pulling to stand (feet are pointing outwards, which tells her he’s not ready to walk, need to engage core more first)
  • encourage lots of crawling & crawling over obstacles
  • work more on kneel-standing (playing on knees, with knees together, not in W)
  • work on rocking side to side
  • from kneel standing, rotate him down to left hip
  • in standing at support – weight shift side to side with both feet pointing forward, hip width apart
  • sit to stand from my knee/thigh – have him sit down in your leg from stand & back up to stand (he will essentially be doing BABY SQUATS!)

I mentioned to her that when he was furniture surfing, he fell forward and didn’t use his hands/arms to catch himself.  She got pretty wide-eyed and said that is something to work on, for sure.  Here’s some games that will help with developing this reflex:

  • tummy on ball, roll forward to couch to “land” on hands
  • landing game
  • flying and landing (1, 2, 3 & land) on couch
  • rolling & roll him 2x (to left OR right) after diaper change, then pick him up (alternate sides)
  • raising him up/down against your body, facing you (this will also help with vestibular development: The vestibular system includes the parts of the inner ear and brain that help control balance and eye movements.)
  • swing at playground (start with sitting with him on the big swing, start & stop… then work your way up to the baby swing)


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