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Little Brother’s eye doctor update

Little Brother had another check up with Dr B this week.

In a nutshell, we will continue the exercises at home for another 8 weeks.  After 8 weeks, he will dilate his eyes and do an eye exam to see how his prescription is doing. 

Dr B moved the tape on LB’s glasses a little.

tape adjusted

The goal is to encourage his right eye to move to see stuff on his right side instead of his left eye crossing over, doing most the work.

We want to see him use his eyes equally, even though he switches between them. It’s called alternating esotropia, for those who have asked.


Because there was a SPLIT second last week that I saw BOTH eyes track straight (then revert back), Dr. B was encouraged to keep going with the exercises he already gave us.  We are holding off on doing any in-office vision therapy for at least another couple months… as you can imagine, it’s hard to get a baby to do any concentrate task, let alone for a full vision-therapy session.  

By moving the tape on LB’s glasses, he also was encouraged by his usage of his right eye while we were still at his appointment. 

We are praying & anticipating this continues to help and that I see more moments if him fixing both eyes straight forward. 

Emotionally speaking, hubby and I are processing all of this… Since I’m around the boys the most, I probably have more of an emotional rollercoaster to ride… but that’s not a hard and fast assumption.  I can tell my husband is having a hard time with this reality, too.  He’s just not ready to talk about it in-depth.

Little Dude (LB’s big brother) regularly said “I just want Jesus to heal my brother.”

It’s difficult to explain to him that Jesus CAN heal, but he MAY have a different plan – one that points more people to Jesus.  It’s hard for ADULTS to wrap our minds around that… how do you make that an age-appropriate response for a 4 year old? I dunno.  So far, I’ve said “me too and we will keep praying.” 

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